Post Op Care at home

Postoperative care by experienced skilled nurses caring for you in the comfort of your own home.


Our philosophy here at Post Op Care at Home to provide care that respects the patient, gives honesty in treatment and respects  the patient by understanding new circumstances that may compromise their quality of life for a short or long term.

Current nursing care tends to be about the agency or time frames that are available to the agency or the hospital.

Post op Care delivers care in your time frame, your requirements and all the while in close communication with your surgeon or physician.

Post Op Care at Home also delivers  intravenous infusions in the comfort of your home.  We currently deliver infusions to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers in their home. These patients from the Royal Adelaide Hospital are selected as suitable for home infusion by their physician. These patients no longer spend their time traveling and coping with transport and weather conditions getting to hospital to receive a 40 minutes infusion that is routine and required for their ongoing health.

Fast recovery without setbacks.

Admissions to emergency departments are often reactionary and made in haste after hours to solve problems incurred after hours. These involve pain management, nausea and vomiting, bleeding or general feelings of unwellness.

Post Op Care at Home is there to step in before these issues become problematic, dealing with the issues in the home and under the advice of your surgeon or physician.

Optimise your recovery

Delivery of optimal nursing care in your  home is given  in line with your surgeon’s or physician’s requirements and orders given post-op care at home after discharge from Day surgery, hospital or infusions normally given in interventional/ambulatory care clinics.

Post Op Care at Home works closely with your physician /surgeon to ensure delivery of care is maximised and impact on you is minimalized and care is delivered with the full knowledge of past treatments and ongoing management requirements of your surgeon or physician.


Post Op Care at Home team adelaide

Post Op Care at home team

Anne Thomas, along with her committed team of clinical nurse consultants bring knowledge and clinical acumen and skills into your home and your care. Clinical nurse consultants and couriers are here to help your treatment at home.

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