About Post Op Care At Home

In your home at times convenient to you

Anne Thomas, along with her committed team of clinical nurse consultants bring knowledge and clinical acumen and skills into your home and your care to ensure:

  • Fast uneventful recovery from surgery as directed by your surgeon
  • Dedicated staff to deliver routine infusions via intravenous, Portal of PICC lines on a regular basis in your home
  • Always at a time convenient to you after referral from your physician

Post Op Care at Home will not ask you what level of care you require, we assume you need the best level of care available, and our experienced nurses ensure you receive the best level of care to maximise your recovery or on-going care, and Post Op Care at Home will provide this in your home at times convenient to you.

Post Op Care at Home team adelaide

Post Op Care at home has 2 faces, offering superior care by senior nurses at the level of clinical nurse consultant.

Post Op care at home following Day Surgery

There are many facilities around Australia, offering the facility of same day surgery and discharge. Our surgeons have kept pace with the unique forms of keyhole surgery and the latest techniques of non- invasive surgery. This allows faster tracking of patients to their home to recover.

Anaesthetists now has access to medications that allow fast induction of sleep, and a fast wakeup cycle. Pharmaceuticals have jumped ahead of nursing techniques such as post- operative observations such as blood pressure monitoring and other observations, necessary in days past with older pharmaceutical agents used to anaesthetise patients. In the past, hospitals have managed their patients receiving surgery in a horizontal orbit around the hospital, often not getting up from their beds until the next day. Day surgery now requires you to wake up, down oral fluid to make up for your fasting and get moving to your car, after not insignificant body injury from surgery.

Should you suffer any un-toward events such as pain, bleeding, nausea or dizziness, where do you go? The day surgery is now closed. Your GP has not yet received the report from your surgery from the Day Surgery. You have the options to call a GP to your home who has no knowledge of the procedure you have undergone, nor the post-op orders issues by your surgeon, or to present to a busy emergency department, if in public expect significant wait times, or should you elect to go to a private emergency department, an up-front fee to be seen is approx. $300.

Post Op Care at Home is there to answer all these needs, before issues become a problem with interventions clinical nurse consultants know by second nature and with a plan that has been pre-planned with you, your surgeon and Post Op Care at Home experienced Clinical Nurse Consultants.

Chronic Infusion Therapy

Post Op Care at Home is currently involved in a world first trial with Biogen Australia Pty Ltd, the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the University of Adelaide. Post Op Care at Home founder, Anne Thomas in co-ordination with Paul Georgiou, and from the help of in-sightful Biogen manager Kerisha Naidoo, have finally mobilised a team of clever clinicians and research staff now  co-ordinated by Dr Tim Schultz to run a pilot study looking into the benefits of home infusions versus the need to travel into the Royal Adelaide Hospital for their monthly infusions.

Co-operation of a multi-faceted team including professors of neurology, nursing research at University of Adelaide, dedicated clinical teams at the RAH, and our clinical nurse consultants here at Post Op Care at Home will ensure that this trial is published and presented at an international level and will stand the scrutiny of the world publications on home care.