Infusions at home -Saving patients’ time

Working with the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Post Op care at Home is currently working with the Royal Adelaide Hospital treating Multiple Sclerosis patients requiring routine intravenous infusions. This has been made possible through a grant by BIOGEN Australia Pty Ltd®.

The current study is headed up by Dr Tim Schultz of the University of Adelaide, (visit website) and is a world first study.

Once published, we examine the safety and efficacy of infusions at home, given by experienced and specifically trained Clinical Nurse Consultants to patients chosen by their neurologist as suitable to receive this intravenous infusion at home.

This is saving patients’ time and resources otherwise wasted travelling to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, often taking up a whole day and also arranging care for their families.

Intravenous infusions to patients in their homes

Patients (at-home) also do not need to pay for parking, petrol, taxis or carers for any further assistance required if traveling into the Royal Adelaide Hospital. They all comment how much easier it is to have some-one visit for 1 hour instead of losing mostly a whole day.

Post Op Care at Home is currently speaking with physicians and general practitioners (GP) to provide other intravenous infusions to patients in their homes, or aged care facilities, such as Iron Infusions and Antibiotic Infusions.

Our Clinical Nurse Consultants  are accredited with cannulation skills and can also deliver infusions via long lines, port and PICC lines, once again, in close consultation with the Patient’s surgeon or physician.

Our couriers ensure medication is delivered in “cold chain” protocol in Coolpac™ containers and the temperature is monitored from the pharmacy to the home by data Log Tags ™

Post Operation Care At Home Adelaide
Intravenous Infusions home Adelaide
Intravenous Infusions home Adelaide
Intravenous Infusions home Adelaide
Intravenous Infusions home Adelaide